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Flag on the Stage!

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Comedians without reputations have a very hard job. Without an established reputation, the audience does not know where any of their material derives. Every person in the world has their own unique perspective on life. Comedians tend to have a rather twisted perspective and the gull to let basically any and everything fly off their tongues while making it funny. That last statement alone says a lot about the mentality of comedians. As time has passed, the world as we know it has become soft. I’m talking soft shell crab soft. Almost everything offends somebody or some group. A new comedian trying to make a name for himself or herself is sometimes coached to tailor material so no one is offended.

Pardon my French, but f–k that s–t!

If you are offended by comedy, then go to an Opera. If you are offended by comedy, go to a ballet performance. If you are offended by comedy then hang yourself; I will resuscitate you then you can jump off a cliff. Everything isn’t for everybody, so maybe comedy isn’t for you. Now if the comic is just picking on the audience (which is classless, played out, and downright talentless) then I can see someone being offended. Comics who already have reputations can get away with things for which a new kid on the block may face ridicule. These comics have earned their reputations and have a genuine following so the material they put out is understood by their following. When you are attending a comedy show and a comic offends you with some of their material, ignore it. If the whole comedy set offends you donโ€™t get angry, just don’t laugh and refuse to follow or promote that comic. Deep down inside, comics couldn’t care less about how you feel about their material. It’s just entertainment, and they are performing just like any other entertainer. I’m sure out in the world we have some people who didnโ€™t like Michael Jackson (not everybody will like everything), while most people the world admired him. The moral of the story is this: if you have skin made of Jellyfish then don’t attend a comedy show. My advice? Stay yoโ€™ weak ass home and watch Lifetime and Oxygen.

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