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Mike Epps talks about the Richard Pryor role

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Co-starting on the hit show “Survivor’s Remorse” and snagging a leading role in the Richard Pryor biopic have been a few highlights of what can certainly be called an amazing summer for Mike Epps. He is set to play the late great Richard Pryor in an upcoming biopic directed by Lee Daniels, executive producer for the hit FOX series “Empire.”

“Richard Pryor, man, this is a role of a lifetime, right here. And I’m very humbly nervous. You get scared when you have to approach the greats,” Epps told ABC Radio.

“It’s a very spiritual quest. There’s no way to prepare for it. It’s something that you have to do. And it’s something that has to be in you and something that has to be a part of your repertoire; what you do. Because, you know, in the whole auditioning process it was like, ‘I can’t really prepare for this. I have to just do it. I’m either him or I’m not.'”

We look forward to seeing Epps bring Pryor’s life story to the big screen! Check back with Comedy Through Comedy for more updates!